About us

Netsui-Do delivers additional activities to further progress students, programmes available to members are: 

Weekend courses

Specific Kumite, Kata, or syllabus courses in preparation for gradings. ​We will support new members events and invite them to attend our pre existing courses. 

Squad training

The squad trains once a week, specifically for a programme of high level national & international competitions. 

Netsui-Do competitions 

Netsui-Do will arrange and organise an annual Kumite & Kata tournament open to all members.

Netsui-Do displays 

We offer platforms for students to showcase their Karate outside of the dojo and help instructors advertise their club.

Netsui-Do summer Gasshuku 

The annual summer Karate camp, which includes:

  • Karate training, grading preparation and gradings 

  • The black belt grading

  • Entertainment such as the black belt Kumite display, and ‘the Camelot Challenge’ (a fun team race) followed by the Netsui-Do BBQ 

Netsui-Do adults Karate

We understand students like to practise their Karate in different ways, so we offer adult classes with specific delivery.

Netsui-Do black belt attainment programme

Specific delivery, and personalised support where required to give every pupil the opportunity to attain a black belt, whilst maintaining Netsui-Do's high standards. 

Netsui-Do black belt coaching programme

An important part of the Netsui-Do ethos; black belt students are encouraged to mentor and give private tuition to junior belts in order to aid their progression. 

Netsui-Do referees program 

Our referees program allows members to obtain an association referee qualification which allows them to officiate at our competitions and provides a platform for them to develop into national and international referee qualifications. 


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