Netsui-Do Instructors

Sensei Lavender Ralston-Saul, 6th Dan

  • Karate instructor for over 32 years

  • Founder of Karate in Northwood Schools in 1990

  • Twenty-seven years in development of a legacy (Netsui-Do values, instructor training, alumni)

  • Qualified EKF Kata judge 

Sensei Aimee Pinto, 4th Dan

  • Started Karate in 1987 at the age of 11

  • Black belt since 1993

  • Karate instructor for over 21 years

  • Represented England at the WKF Karate Championships, Madrid 2002

  • Employment: Principal Physiotherapist at St George’s Hospital (2001 – date) 

Sensei Reece Taylor, 3rd Dan

  • Started Karate at the age of 4

  • Achieved a black belt at the early age of 9

  • Educated to University degree level (BSc, Business Studies) at the University of London, Southbank

  • First British male in the history of Karate to win the WKF European Championships in Kata

  • WKF European Kata silver medalist 

  • WKF Commonwealth Games Kata Champion 

  • 10 x British Kata Champion

  • 10 x National Kata Champion 

  • 4 x British University Kata Champion  

Sensei Rebecca Pike, 3rd Dan

  • Attended Broomwood Hall (1991 – 2000)

  • Started Karate with Sensei Lavender age 7 and was the first Broomwood Hall black belt, age 14

  • Karate instructor for over 14 years, including co-founding the Adult club with Sensei Reece in 2012

  • Employment: National Head of Programmes at The Prince’s Trust (2009 – date), Consultant for the International Olympic Committee (February 2015 – date) 

Sensei Christina Floe, 3rd Dan

  • Started Karate with Sensei Lavender age 7 at Cameron House

  • Full time Karate instructor support to Sensei Lavender during her gap year in 2006/7

  • Psychology degree from Oxford University, and has remained to undertake a doctorate in Psychology

  • Founder of Karate at Tudor Hall

  • Netsui-Do deputy child protection liaison officer 

Sensei Claire Read, 3rd Dan

  • Started Karate in 2002; graded for 3rd Dan in 2015

  • Competed nationally and internationally before coaching and refereeing for the Association

  • Began teaching in 2004; established St Joseph's Karate Club in 2009

  • Teaches for Premier Self-Defence and also trains with LL Taekwondo 

  • Currently completing her PhD (London)

Sensei Tom Gillick, 3rd Dan

  • Karate instructor for over 12 years

  • Instructor at all Association Karate clubs and courses 

  • Netsui-Do head child protection liaison officer 

  • Established Netsui-Do Harlow 

  • Netsui-Do Association referee

Sensei Rob Tyller, 2nd dan 

  • Started karate in 1992

  • Graded to 2nd Dan in 2010

  • Karate instructor since 2002 

  • Netsui-Do strength and conditioning coach

  • Founder of IF Strongwear

Sensei Max Fillingham, 2nd Dan

  • WUKF National Kata Champion

  • WUKF Irish Open Champion

  • WUKF UK Open Champion

  • WKF National and British medalist

  • Gold Medalist Venice Shito-Ryu Karate Cup

  • U21 Scottish International Open Champion

  • National Karate 'A' Squad team member


Sensei Tony Perry, 2nd Dan

  • Started Karate in 1988

  • Started teaching in 2004

  • Founder of Reikan Karate Club

  • B-tec level 3 in self defence, and conflict management


Sensei Paul Keates, 2nd Dan


Sensei Kerry Barden, 2nd Dan ​​