Netsui-Do history and tradition

Netsui-Do teaches traditional Shito-Ryu style of Karate which is one of the four main styles of Karate recognised by the World Karate Federation (WKF). Netsui-Do Karate Association are members of the national governing body of Karate (English Karate Federation), and the world governing body of Karate (World Karate Federation).

Netsui-Do values are as much about behavior in Karate as they are transferable into the student’s education, other extra-curricular activities, and later life.

Respect For one's self, peers, juniors, seniors and Senseis


Self-discipline - The ability to control one's self physically and emotionally, as well as finding inner determination and the motivation to succeed


Inclusivity The awareness to help and motivate junior belts or those that need extra support in order to achieve, and working together regardless of age, gender, background etc


Excellence - Striving to achieve high standards across all aspects of Karate and life, through maximum effort, attention to detail, and passion

Netsui-Do currently delivers a continuous provision of Karate to the following schools:

  • Broomwood Hall School

  • Finton House School

  • Northcote Lodge School

  • Oakfield Prep School

  • The White House Prep School

Additional experience includes the:

  • Delivery of an annual Summer Karate camp for 200 students

  • Organisation of several inter-house and inter-school competitions for 200 competitors 

  • Delivery of squad coaching, and the administration of elite WKF competition attendance

  • Management and facilitation of the black belt coaching programme 

Netsui-Do instructors

The senior Senseis have all taught Karate for 12+ years and among them, have professional experience within the medical profession, youth education and development sector, and law enforcement.

The junior Senseis have all been educated at the Schools we provide Karate to and are all current Netsui-Do black belts are part of the black belt coaching programme. 

"Way of enthusiasm"